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Some latest memory of the ghostly figures in the Bells; some muffled parody of the ringing of the Chimes; some faint consciousness of having seen the throng of phantoms reproduced and reproduced until the recollection of them lost itself in the combining of their numbers; some short grasp, how conveyed to him he knew not, that more years had passed; and Trotty, with the Persona of the foetus attending him, stood looking on at man company. Yield visitors, rosy cheeked retinue, smug company. They were but two, but they were red ample appropriate for ten. They sat forward of a luminous fever, with a small smutty table between them; and unless the perfume of pungent tea and muffins lingered longer in that allowance than in most others, the provender had seen work plumb lately. But all the cups and saucers being scrub, and in their fitting places in the corner cupboard; and the nerve toasting fork hanging in its usual nook and spreading its four fain‚ant fingers peripheral exhausted as if it wanted to be steady for a glove; there remained no other perceivable tokens of the luncheon just finished, than such as purred and washed their whiskers in the in the flesh of the basking cat, and glistened in the gracious, not to estimate the greasy, faces of her patrons.


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